FirstClass Client
Login FC .png
Welcome to the Mequeon-Thiensville client download area.  
The FirstClass Client software provides a desktop application that is optimized for fast, streamlined access to our FirstClass email and communication server.

Choose the version you want to install.
To download the Windows version  --> FC10.009US.exe
To download the Mac OS X version --> FC10.009US.dmg
To download the Mac OS 9 version --> FC8.102US.Hqx

Once the FC Client is installed start up the client application.  On the login screen click on the 'Set Up' button. Then simply enter/type  into the 'Server' field. Then click save at the bottom of the window to save.  (see screen shot below)  After that you should be good to go.  Type in your ID and PW in the log in screen and you should connect right in to the server and see the same desktop you have back at your desk. (subject to the speed of your connection to the internet).

Picture 1.png

For more information on FirstClass please visit Common World inc.